"""This is the Web page for GCipher."""

from LibGladeApplication import LibGladeApplication
from MainCLI import MainCLI
from MainGUI import MainGUI
from Proxy import Proxy

class GCipher:

    """This is a simple encryption tool.

    This is a simple encryption tool to work with 
    home-grown encryption algorithms.  It can run 
    as either a GUI, a command-line application, or 
    a network proxy.


    def __init__(self):
        """See the manpage for more information."""
        self.url = "manpage.html"

    def showScreenshot(self):
        """Show a screenshot."""

    def getLinks(self):
        """Return a list of useful links."""
        return [
            "Sourceforge summary",
            "Mailing lists",
            "Shannon -jj Behrens (author)"
        ] Logo